Pottery Painting

Let your creative juices flow within the Craft Cabin. Choose your piece of pottery from a wide variety. The table ware is imported from Italy, and the ornamental pieces come from the Far East.


I have Duncan glazes and decorating tools for you to use so you can turn your item into a unique masterpiece.


Being creative can be thirsty work, so please enjoy a complimentary tea, coffee or juice while you are painting.


Once you are finished, leave your pottery to be fired, and it 

 will be ready for collection one week later!


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Decopatch is a modern version of decoupage and is a very simple but effective way of decorating items with any kind of flat or uneven surface.


I carry a large range of Papier-mache shapes, for example, letters, mask's, box's, picture frames, animals along with a large selection of the  decorating papers for you to choose from. It is so easy to do this craft, tear up Decopatch paper into small pieces, set aside right side up, brush your chosen papier-mache blank with Decopatch glue, pick up a piece of the paper with your wet brush, place it onto the wet glue, working from the centre of the piece of paper, with outward brush strokes to remove creases.


The glue dries quite fast so your piece will be ready to take home at the end of your workshop. Very popular activity for birthday parties, because the children take home their creation at the end of the party.

Potters Wheel Work

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I offer clay workshops where I will sit and work one to one with customers, and they will soon find out that working with clay can be a very rewarding and relaxing experience.


There is a potter's wheel for you to experiment on, or you could hand build a slab, pinch or coil pot.


2.  Please make sure you wear clothes that you don't mind getting dirty because working with clay is a fun way of getting messy!!